Instead of domestic duties,
changing to enjoy [motions] 
with rich spirits in daily life.
We give you new [Nichijo-Sahanki] 
as easy to use potteries
by using them quiet naturally.

Tea pots

Banko-shidei tea pots look like purplish brown because they are made from soil with a lot of iron. Therefore, they are called Sidei kyusu in Japanese.
In order not to be glazed Shidei tea pots, they develop a patina and shiny addition to use.

Small pot

It is a small Banko-yaki to cook a potion and set it on the table.
Heat proof potteries of Banko-yaki are good at heat resistance, retain heat and moisture retention. 

Porcelain plate

Using these plates, you are able to cook healthy because of spilling the oil on deep wavy chase.

Ceramic pot

Ceramic pots are able to cook all the way through the food and bring out the flavor of the food because they are able to heat up slowly with soft heat conduction.
Also, they are able to macerate the food because they get cold slowly. 

Rice pot

Rice that are cooked with ceramic pot is delicious and every little rice is shiny and their face is looking up.
Ceramic pots are able to cook all the way through core of rice with remaining heat and the moisture goes away because of their moisture-retentive and retaining-heat.

Functional tableware

There are convenient that you are able to use everyday and enjoy more tableware.
Coal black items fit any table scenes.