Banko-yaki is best remembered as Japanese claypot.
It is the largest producer of claypot in Japan.
It is the high quality claypot with heat resistance, heat retention and moisturizing properties.

Claypot with induction heating

These pots have induction heating  processing and low water absorption rate processing. Therefore they look earthy texture and also they are able to use on induction heating.

Claypot on an open fire

The old earthy texture that pot has makes a table warm atmosphere.
We are able to use pot differently in the number of people and the cooking because of having many size.

One-person pot

We are able to use little pot when we are bit hungry and as pot of our own.
Also we are able to reduce the cooking time because the pot has small bottom and shallow type and fire spread quickly.

Functional pot

The heat-resistance dishes are able to put on an open fire and bring the dishes to a table directly.
They are fashionable and then we aren’t have to go to the trouble of washing the dishes.

Handmade claypot

These pots are made by hand carefully.
They are individually produced by skill craftsmen.