Tea pot

Shidei-kyusu leading Bank-yaki abstract astringency of green tea moderately because it is rich in iron.
We are able to brew mild taste green tea when we use Shidei-kyusu.


We have concepts that  tea pot is able to brews green tea deliciously and useful when we make a new tea pot.
The new tea pot is a “Yubi-kyusu” that stick to the form and clay.

Functional tea pot

We arrange the tea pot that has nice idea when we brew the tea and wash it.
We are able to use properly by kinds of tea and scene of enjoying the tea.

Commonly tea pot

We have many tea pot that small one for only mine tea time and big one for providing hospitality.
We would like to choose the tea pot that fits perfectly because tea pot has some color and kinds of mesh.


Tea pot made by craftsmen

Shidei-kyusu that is made by Banko-yaki craftsman keeps choosing many people who likes green tea.
It is an excellent handmade pot that increases shine and become valuable the more and more use.


We are able to choose the tea pots for green tea, black tea and decoction tea by our feeling.
We would like to arrange the favorite tea pot for each season and purpose.

IH kettle

This kettle becomes a reality that water absorption rate of it is below 0.5%.
We are able to use this as clay pot brewing herb because it is difficult to become moldy and stick bad smell.