About us

Incorporate Banko-yaki in your life

We SUZUKI were starting of business in 1945, and are established for over 70 years.

We are the Banko-yaki trading company.

Bank-yaki is are traditional crafts of Yokkaichi City in Mie.

We would like to provide you the products now because we keep prosecuting the local industry.

We SUZUKI(スズ木) use different characters, スズ is katakana characters and 木 is kanji characters.

Our founder hoped that our products spread around many people without regard to location not only supermarkets and also department stores.

Supermarket(スーパーマーケット) writes in Katakana character in Japanese and department stores(百貨店) write in Kanji characters in Japanese.

We SUZUKI(スズ木) use different characters, Katakana characters and Kanji characters because our products continue to sell in both supermarket and department stores.

We hope that many people take our products in their hands.

Tableware takes food and color the dinning table.

Tableware has a power that make the food looks delicious.

Our products will be selected by you as dishes color the food.

We hope that our products fit your lifestyle and color your table.