Kitchen Studio
Panda Shokudo

We would like to create the food and atmosphere make everyone smile and enjoy like the restaurant that we are able to go easily without affectation.
We make Panda-Shokudo putting their thought. 

Rice pot

This rice pot is less of classic style than stylish design fitting any kitchen.
There is many useful functions not only cooking rice but also many cooking.

Small claypot

This is a small claypot can be used as extra plates.
Of course as claypot, we are able to use as gratin dish and container for cooked rice. 

Claypot can use on a industry cooktop and open flame

This is a claypot for induction cooker with THERMATEC that it is safe, secure and multi-layer structure.
It is hard to absorb the food odor and get moldy because the claypot has low water absorption.

Tea pot

The heat-resistant pot is able to use on fire and microwave.
Horoku is able to roast coffee beans, tea and sesame.

Grilled plate

This grilled plate with handle is useful to cook the food and carry the table.
We are able to enjoy the steaming food because it has the power that is retain heat.


This mortar has no pectinate line but we are able to rub the food strongly.
Also, we are able to wash it easily because of having no pectinate line.