Banko-yaki with Sanrio characters
There are cute dishes with Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll and Kuromi.
We are able to enjoy our time to eat.

Teapot and tea cup of Hello Kitty

Sidei kyushu of Bank-yaki it is traditional crafts with Hello Kitty.
We are enjoy our tea time with Sidei kyushu(teapot) and tea cup with Japanese pattern.

ハローキティ 耐熱のうつわ

Claypot of Banko-yaki it is the largest producer of claypot in Japan with Hello Kitty.
We are able to enjoy cooking using kitchen utensils it is available to use on fire with Hello Kitty.


Claypot of Banko-yaki it is good at heat resistance and durability with Cinnamoroll.
It is cute that Cinnamoroll play at twinkling sky using black claypot to resemble night sky.


Plate of Banko-yaki it has beautiful earthy material and  white glaze with Kuromi.
We put Kuromi and Japanese bell-flower, Japanese fan and object  on dishes.