About “Bankoyaki”


“Bankoyaki” was started by Rozan Nunami (1718-1777) who was wealthy marchant in Mie at Genbun period (1736-1740). He branded his products “Banko” or “Banko-Hueki” with a wish which the products are come down in the future. This is responsible for its name. (Now we call the products in his period “Ko-Banko”.) After Nunami died, “Bankoyaki” was failed for a moment.
However, Yusetsu Mori and some people restarted “Bankoyaki” is Tepo period and they made potteries for tea ceremony and drinking alcohol. Therefore, people call the products “Yusetsu-Banko”.
In Meiji period, Chuzaemon Yamanaka and some people studied about western potteries like plates and coffee cups, andtaught country residents the way to make them. Moreover, in 1912 Torajiro Mizutani made “Han-Zuki” which is placed in one of the potteries’ categories. After then they could made “Bankoyaki” by machines and also they were able to sell to foreign countries.
There is a “Banko-shrine” in Yokkaichi and monuments of Mori and Yamanaka are placed init. Also “Banko-Festival” is market of potteries which is held on the second Saturday and Sunday every May.

Yokkaichi Bankoyaki

“Bankoyaki” is one of the potteries and has a big strong point, a tough heatproof. Also “Bankoyaki” has a behavior which is between pottery and porcelain and it is called “Semi-porcelain”. “Bankoyaki” is a representative local industry of Yokkaichi in mie and it was designated as Japanese traditional craft from January 12, 1979.
“Bankoyaki” is famous for Japanese tea pots and earthen pots. Moreover, earthen pots of “Bankoyaki” take a large share of the market of earthen pots which are made in Japan.
Also, Kyusu (Japanese tea pot) is one of the famous “Bankoyaki” products and “Shidei-Kyusu” is the most famous in Kyusu of “Banko-kyusu” is made for being able to be rich in taste of tea. Mie prefecture has the third prize of tea production in Japan, so we can really enjoy a tea by “Banko-Kyusu” and “Ise-Cha” (one of the famous tea in Mie).


This shrine was founded in 1935 and there is a monument of Chuzaemon Yamanaka who formed basis of present Bankoyaki.
Every year, “Banko-Festival” and “Festival of holding memorial service for pot” are held at this shrine. “Banko-Festival” is a market of potteries which is held on the second Saturday and Sunday every May. This festival was started from 1963 in order to spread and promotion of “Bankoyaki” and there are many stands for selling Bankoyaki on the street near this shrine.